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Registration form

Improving the UX for a better experience 

A project aimed at improving the registration process for the afternoon program offered by municipal kindergartens.

Platform: Mobile/ Desktop

Software: Figma

Responsibilities: Ideation/ Research/ UX

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Some background...

Parents may register their children to an afternoon program that takes place in the kindergarten, ensuring they can work full time while the children are in a safe and familiar environment.

The program offers two duration formats:

16:30 or 17:00

The problem

The registration form is poorly structured causing frustration and a high bounce rate (many don't finish it on the first try).

What are the causes?

1. Overwhelming amounts of questions and input, most of which being required fields.

2. Large amounts of text presented at once.

3. Important information is not emphasized or presented.

User interviews

The first step of this project was to interview parents of children ages 3-5 who attend the afternoon program, to understand their experience with the process and gain insight.

Desktop is the preferred format for registration

Parents did not know who the assigned person responsible for the afternoon program for their children's age group is.

The same parent registers every year

It's unclear how the payment is divided

Key insights from research

  • Some required information is used for future appeals and subsidy applications and can't be removed.​​​

  • Emphasizing important details regarding payments and fees helps reduce the risk of errors and misunderstandings.

  • Some definitions needed updating, such as the family status:​​

סטטוס משפחתי

סטטוס משפחתי

  • Legally, the company has to present and detail the terms and conditions, resulting in lengthy text. People don't read lengthy textTherefore:

1. The first page will offer an  overview of the key conditions, using concise paragraphs to present each topic.

2. Key conditions will be highlighted for each subject they apply to.

Work process

After the research, I mapped the necessary improvements of each page and then wireframed.

* The header area with the general menu and the footer remained the same throughout the pages.

Example of a page's improvement notes: 


Why is the session timed? There is a limited time frame for registration. Once it is over, the registration is only by phone/ mail/ waiting list

The general public doesn't use the Jewish calendar on a regular basis.

Which year in the Gregorian calendar does this registration refer to?

"Kindergarten's Name" and "Group"

dropdowns each contain a single option 

The categories in the progress bar are too general

Register an additional person gets lost between the frames and sections

The buttons look

* Identical 

* Very close to one another

* Not contrast enough, not legible 

"Additional information" isn't active.

The 3 input fields 

aren't used in the kindergarten form (active in the school program registration)

There is no mention of the 600ins being charged separately

Progress bar station names were adjusted 

to provide a more accurate description.


Parent's details/ paying person's personal information

Some pages had to be reorganized- placing related fields by each other and correcting the grid. 


"Terms and Conditions of Afternoon Program"

An overwhelming page, containing many questions and inputs that cover various subjects.

The content of the page was divided and arranged across three pages, each containing specific subjects.

detailed pg_original.png

1. Who is authorized to pick up the child, except for the parents?

5.who can pick up_.png

2. Allergies and special needs

If applicable, certain questions may span into additional sections.

6.1_allergies and disabilities_no.png
6.2_allergies and disabilities_yes.png

3. Parents authorization for posting pictures and the fully detailed terms and conditions


Complete form

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